How I Work

Reaching deeper, long-lasting results

Integrative Therapy

I practise Integrative Therapy, which is a progressive form of psychotherapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the specific needs of the individual client. It is a pragmatic, solution-based approach, leaning on diverse psychological theories in order to get the best, and speediest, results. I like to bring a holistic approach to the process, not only examining the issues presenting but rather looking deeper into the whole person to the root cause in order to reach deeper, long-lasting results.

The exact method is tailored to each specific client but some of the areas we might cover include developing self-awareness, authenticity, responsibility, as well as emotional maturity and stability to gain a more balanced perspective. We could examine topics such as conditions of worth, unfinished business, negative automatic thoughts and cognitive flexibility, and delve into defence mechanisms like the fight or flight reflex, denial, projection, avoidance and even explore self-sabotage. We will look into how we often see our present life through the prism of past pain.

I am a qualified Counsellor, CBT Practitioner, Psychotherapist and Holistic Psychologist. Further areas of study include: Psychology & Pyschodynamics, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Sports Psychology, Transactional Analysis, Coaching, Buddhism, Family Constellations, Narrative Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Transpersonal Psychology. I am a Senior Member of the ACCPH – and Supervisor – and fully insured to practise worldwide.


  Genuine, kind, calm, compassionate, empathetic and very knowledgeable. You can see he has a wide range of skills, he always manages to find the right way to make everything clearer.  
  By the end of the sessions, I felt unburdened and ready to take on the challenges ahead of me. I particularly liked that Laurent encouraged me to think about what I was doing for myself – having time for my own personal nourishment. I felt the sessions re-balanced me. He made me feel secure through his calm demeanour, and provided warmth and openness throughout.  
  So easy to talk to, like talking to a friend – only a friend who has no agenda, doesn’t judge, and clearly only has my best interest at heart. I was in a real rut and in what seemed a blink of an eye felt loads better. Laurent is very skilled, and a lovely man.  
  Laurent is kind, supportive and understanding. I immediately felt completely safe. He has an uncanny knack for knowing what to say at the right time, and has an impressive toolkit whatever the moment. I was really impressed at how quickly I saw improvements.  
  I want to say thank you so much for being so understanding and supportive throughout this amazing journey. I came away from our sessions with a much more positive image of myself, and feel I have more clarity on the unresolved issues that have given me extreme anxiety for much of my life, and that I now have some tools I can use to try to deal with them.