Laurent Baldoni

Every journey starts with a single step

Baldoni Therapy

There are times in all our lives when we feel unable to cope. Sometimes the causes of these problems seem fairly clear and we know where to turn for assistance. At other times our problems are difficult to understand and we can find no answer from our own resources or contacts.

Do you feel stuck and unsure of how to make changes? Perhaps you struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Think how much happier you could be if everything in your life was as you wanted it to be.

What if you had the motivation, courage, confidence and desire to reach your chosen goals?

What if every morning you woke up to feeling more energised, secure and filled with self-worth?

Just imagine, actually believing in yourself and being free of any negative self-talk or doubts.


Please get in touch for a free first consultation if you are:

  • Experiencing any kind of loss, bereavement or trauma
  • Suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or finding it hard to cope
  • Having difficulties within personal or family relationships
  • Having difficulties dealing with past and/or present abuse
  • Having problems adjusting to change, perhaps through redundancy or early retirement
  • Facing a problem that is hard to talk about or resolve
  • Looking to recover from drug addiction
  • Uncertain about spiritual issues
  • Dealing with low self-worth or guilt
  • Having difficulties in your day to day living after a traumatic event
  By the end of the sessions, I felt unburdened and ready to take on the challenges ahead of me. I particularly liked that Laurent encouraged me to think about what I was doing for myself – having time for my own personal nourishment. I felt the sessions re-balanced me. He made me feel secure through his calm demeanour, and provided warmth and openness throughout.  
  So easy to talk to, like talking to a friend – only a friend who has no agenda, doesn’t judge, and clearly only has my best interest at heart. I was in a real rut and in what seemed a blink of an eye felt loads better. Laurent is very skilled, and a lovely man.  
  Genuine, kind, calm, compassionate, empathetic and very knowledgeable. You can see he has a wide range of skills, he always manages to find the right way to make everything clearer.  
  I want to say thank you so much for being so understanding and supportive throughout this amazing journey. I came away from our sessions with a much more positive image of myself, and feel I have more clarity on the unresolved issues that have given me extreme anxiety for much of my life, and that I now have some tools I can use to try to deal with them.  
  Laurent is kind, supportive and understanding. I immediately felt completely safe. He has an uncanny knack for knowing what to say at the right time, and has an impressive toolkit whatever the moment. I was really impressed at how quickly I saw improvements.